Bowy Lou: Curating Special Experiences for New Moms and Little Ones One Bow at a Time

Bowy Lou

The Vision Behind Bowy Lou

Meet the dynamic Kait Fosso, the creative force steering the enchanting world of Bowy Lou. Having previously co-founded and steered ChubbyBubbyBear to success with her husband in 2019, Kait is now dedicated to crafting joyous experiences for new mothers and their little ones. Bowy Lou is her canvas to paint the world with love, affection, and a little sprinkle of style through carefully selected baby bows.

Bowy Lou Bows: A Statement of Elegance and Comfort

Bowy Lou bows are more than just accessories. They are tokens of love, bringing comfort and a touch of elegance to every little wearer. Kait and her team ensure that every bow in their collection embodies a blend of timeless grace and modern charm to suit every personality and occasion.

The selection process at Bowy Lou is carried out with utmost precision, ensuring only the best designs are chosen, promising an addition of joy and grace to your little one’s ensemble, with a style that resonates with both the young and the young at heart.

Curated with Care, Delivered with Love

What truly distinguishes Bowy Lou is the heartfelt experience that each purchase brings. From the moment you place an order to the minute it arrives at your doorstep in Arizona or any other location, the Bowy Lou team ensures a seamless, joyous journey.

Each package arrives with a promise of delight, ready to spread smiles and brighten days, whether it’s a self-purchase or a gift for a loved one.


Bowy Lou is not just about bows; it’s about the joyful moments they create, the smiles they bring to faces, and the happiness they infuse into the early chapters of a child’s life journey.

Join the community of Bowy Lou enthusiasts, where every purchase tells a story of affection, care, and the pure joy of gifting and receiving something truly special. Because with Bowy Lou, every bow is a symbol of love, a messenger of joy, and a bearer of happiness, promising to add a sprinkle of magic to every moment.

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